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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
RF sealers, RF welders, and RF Tooling Machines from Cosmos and Kabar

Radio Frequency (RF) Welding, RF Sealing & RF Tooling

Kabar Manufacturing Corporation


We have agents and service personnel located in New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Ontario and Quebec. Please call our main office so we can direct your call to the appropriate representative.

Cosmos Electronic Machine Corporation, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Kabar Manufacturing Corporation is the largest U.S. manufacturer of RF heat sealing equipment. D&L Die Corporation, is the largest RF die shop in the U.S. that manufactures RF heat sealing tools and RF heat sealing fixtures.

RF (Radio Frequency) Equipment

RF stands for Radio Frequency, which is energy that is created by the RF equipment to weld specific types of thermoplastics. RF excites the molecular structure of the material causing it to heat very rapidly. Once heated, an RF die forced into the material by a press, determines the final shape and characteristics of the finished sealed product. RF welding is also known as RF sealing, radio frequency welding, dielectric bonding, dielectric interface, dielectric sealing, dielectric welding, dielectric heat sealing, dielectric interface, electronic heat sealing, high frequency welding, high frequency sealing, HF sealing, HF welding, induction heating, bar sealing, blister sealing, blister welding, clam shell sealing, custom RF welding, custom RF sealing, electronic heat sealing, industrial sealing, industrial welding, low dielectric welding, medical radio frequency sealing, package heat sealing, package sealing, plastic sealing technology, PVC welding, and RF bonding.

RF Tooling Manufacturing

In addition to our RF equipment, we offer our customers full service RF tooling manufacturing, capability for true "Turnkey" solutions for their entire RF sealing production. RF tooling, which can be referred to as heat sealing tools, heat sealing tooling, package tooling and dies, sealing dies and tooling, or welding tooling is an essential part of the RF sealing process. Without a quality custom RF die manufactured for an RF welder, your product may not be sealed efficiently.

RF Sealing, RF Welding, and RF Tooling

We are the industry leaders in RF sealing equipment, RF welding technology and RF tooling. This includes our patented PLC equipment system with controlled loop feedback for real time power control. We offer a wide range of standard and fully automated line of RF equipment including: RF turntables, automatic indexers, automated board feeders, automated material feeders, automated RF welders, blister sealers, custom RF welders, custom RF sealers, dielectric welders, dielectric blister sealers, deep throat bar sealers, dielectric sealing equipment, dielectric sealers, dielectric welding medical equipment, electronic heat sealers, HF sealers, HF welders, high frequency welders, high frequency sealers, industrial sealers, industrial welders, package sealing machines, position turntables, power rf systems, PVC welders, RF sealing equipment, stripping stations, double sided manual shuttles, and cutting and stacking stations. We offer various equipment options and have the capability to provide automated RF equipment for all of our customer's RF production requirements.

Our machinery is used to manufacture items such as air mattresses, air structures, awnings, auto covers, billboards, blinds, blister packaging, boat covers and seats, binders, blood bags, blood pressure cuffs, boat covers and boat seats, body bags, cargo covers, clam shell packaging, colostomy bags, convertible auto tops, dash boards, dielectric packaging, door panels, hatch covers, horizontal shades, inflatable toys, inflatable life preservers, notebook binders, stationary products, inflatable rafts, inflatable life vests, inflatable escape slides, medical bags, medical valves, mini blinds, plastic snap fasteners, pool covers, pool liners, tarps, truck covers, and tents. New applications are constantly being introduced for Cosmos and Kabar RF welding equipment.


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