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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
RF Welders and Sealers for Apparel and Footwear

RF Welders and Sealers for Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing

Cosmos and Kabar are the leading manufacturers of machines that create the Air-Sole gels that are in the soles of athletic shoes. These gels improve the comfort of the sneaker or shoe as well as increase athletic performance. The Air-Sole unit provides cutting edge cushioning, stabilization, and heel-to-toe transition as well as durability and comfort. Cosmos and Kabar have been integral to the revolution of the industry by providing the machinery and tooling necessary to create these new technologies for the sole inserts of some of the largest sneaker and shoe manufacturing companies in the world. In addition to our equipment we offer our customers full service RF Tooling manufacturing capability for true "Turnkey" solutions to their entire RF sealing production. Our RF Sealers and RF Welders are used to manufacture premium apparel products, including caps, belts, handbags, industrial gloves, ponchos, rain bonnets, rainwear, radiation suits, HAZMAT suits, watchbands, bibs, and more.

20 KW H-Frame with Automatic Shuttle for manufacturing rainwear

GE Simplicity HMI (Human Machine Interface) Controlled Turntable System with Multiple Sealing and Cutting Stations

25KW H Frame with Automatic Multi-stop Shuttles and full PLC Process Control

Custom tooling
RF Welders and Sealers for Apparel and Footwear

Protective Clothing
Sneaker and Shoe Components
Gel and Foam Filled Shoe Inserts
Radiation Suits
Industrial Gloves
Life Vests
Rain Bonnets
Shoes and Accessories
Watch Bands
and many more.

Kabar Manufacturing Corporation

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