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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do Cosmos and Kabar manufacture?
We design and manufacture RF welding equipment and tooling to meet our customer's exact manufacturing requirements.

What is RF Welding?
RF stands for Radio Frequency, which is energy that is created by the equipment to weld specific types of thermoplastics. RF excites the molecular structure of the material causing it to heat very rapidly. Once heated, a die which is forced into the material by a press determines the final shape and characteristics of the finished product.

What types of materials can be welded by this process?
The most common materials are polyvinylchloride (PVC), and urethane. Other materials such as EVA, PET-G and a number of types of formulations in the PET family are also welded with great success using this method. Additionally, a number of adhesives which are activated by RF can be used to weld materials that are not normally considered compatible with this process. An example would be sealing either cardboard to cardboard or thermoformed blisters to cardboard as would be the process in a packaging application.

What is D&L Tool and Die Corporation?
D&L Die Corporation is our full service research, development and manufacturing tooling company. It is the largest RF tool and die manufacturing facility in the United States.

What is A&A Tool and Die Corporation?
A&A was a leading tool and die company which was purchased in 2001 by D&L Die Corporation. It is now fully integrated into D&L Die Corporation.

What are the advantages of buying my tooling from a company that makes RF welders?
Because of its affiliation with Cosmos and Kabar, D&L Die Corporation is in the unique position of approaching the manufacture of tooling with a deeper understanding of the total machine and tooling process. When a tool is designed for a customers’ application, consideration is given not only to its construction but also to how it will operate with the equipment. This insures maximum productivity as well as ease of set up and repeatability. Once designed, state of the art CNC programming utilizes the latest in computer aided (CAM) technology. The CNC equipment is used to produce the tooling to the most precise tolerances with complete repeatability. Our in-house design engineers perform all programming functions and oversee each job to its completion.

What is the lead time on a machine?
Your delivery date is determined by the scope of the project. For example, a single RF Welder could be delivered in just a few weeks. Delivery on a large automated system could range from four months to one year.

What is the lead time on a die?
Generally, lead time on a die ranges from one to three weeks depending on the scope and complexity of the design.

Are Cosmos and Kabar one or two companies?
Kabar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos. Both companies build machines with the same high quality technology, engineering department, and production techniques.

I am interested in buying equipment but my knowledge of RF welding is limited. How can Cosmos and Kabar help me make the right equipment choice?
Our Sales and Engineering staff have over 100 years of combined experience in the field of RF welding and its associated technologies. This experience allows us to pinpoint which equipment best fits our customers needs. Our sales and engineering staff team with each other to ensure continuity of design and production capabilities to fit the specific application. At the end of the process, our customers come away from the experience feeling more knowledgeable about the equipment choice that they made and confident in its ability to meet their production requirements.

What kind if Warranty and support do you provide?
All solid state parts for our RF welding equipment are guaranteed for a period of two years or 4000 hours of operation on a parts replacement basis. Standard parts are guaranteed for a period of one year or 2000 hours on a parts replacement basis. The only exception is the power tube which carries a pro- rata manufacturer’s warranty.

Where do you ship to?
We presently ship to any location in the world.

My staff does not speak English, do you have people on staff that can speak other languages?
We have a number of bi-lingual staff members available who can converse in other languages including Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Can I tour your facility?
We encourage potential customers to visit our facilities as part of the buying process. We have a great deal of services which we can offer and we believe it is the best way to learn more about us and better understand what we can do for you and your company. We also believe that the most important aspect of any visit is the opportunity to meet our people who are the real strength of our company.

Can you build prototype equipment for special projects?
Yes, we frequently work with many companies on prototype programs.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept company checks, wire transfers, and letters of credit. We also accept major credit cards on parts orders.


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