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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
Marine and Aeronautical RF Wedling, Sealing, Tooling Equipment

RF Welders and Sealers for Manufacturing Boat Accessories and Inflatables

Cosmos and Kabar RF Welding and RF Sealing equipment is used to manufacture inflatable items for the marine and aeronautical industries. These products include: boat covers, boat seats, cushions, hatch covers, head rests, inflatable life vests, inflatable rafts, inflatable slides, beach balls, and flotation devices. We have a large number of different RF Welding and RF Sealing machine configurations to handle smaller manufactured items with high volume repetition such as life vests or very large equipment for the manufacture of rafts and inflatable rescue crafts. We offer our customers full service RF Tooling manufacturing capability for true "Turnkey" solutions to their entire RF sealing production. We are the exclusive U.S. distributors for Carmo plastic components including: weldable eyelets, caps, valves, and other snap fasteners often used in the inflatable industry.

PLC Controlled Traveling Bar Welder with Front and Rear Tables

40 Deep Throat Shielded Bar Sealer with Coaxial Feed and Automatic Detuned Circuit

15 KW C-Frame with Single Sided Shuttle Laser Alignment, PLC with Bar Scan Recognition of Tooling, and Multiple Floating Dies for sealing large inflatables

20 KW C-Frame with Double Sided Manual Shuttle for sealing life vests

25 KW H-Frame with Automatic Shuttle for sealing large inflatable rescue devices

15 KW 108 Turntable for sealing large life vests

25KW H Frame with Automatic Multi-stop Shuttles and full PLC Process Control

RF Welder that can be used for multiple applications

Custom tooling
Marine RF Machines and Equipment

Inflatable Life Preservers
Inflatable Rafts
Escape Slides
Boat Covers and Seats
Danger Flags
and many more.

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