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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
Medical RF Equipment

Medical RF Sealing and RF Welding Machines

Cosmos and Kabar have a wide assortment of equipment and productivity enhancing options available to manufacture medical products and devices with RF Sealing and RF Welding machines. Products that can be manufactured on our equipment include: blood bags, colostomy bags, body bags, urinary drainage bags, blood pressure cuffs, enteral feeding bags, wound irrigation systems, pressure and temperature compensated mattresses, and medical filters.

For lower to medium size volume applications we offer RF welding equipment with shuttles and turntables. For higher volume production, in-line indexers or fully automated turntable based systems are available. To increase the accuracy and repeatability of our equipment we offer PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) or PLC with PC interface control for all parameters of the operation including the power. These control systems can generate reports to help with quality control and compliance requirements. The information from these systems can be uploaded to an Ethernet network or to a dedicated PC.

In addition to our RF Welding and RF Sealing equipment, we offer our customers full service RF Tooling manufacturing capability for true “Turnkey” solutions for their entire RF sealing production. We are the exclusive U.S. distributors for Carmo plastic components, including: tube fittings, connectors, caps, valves, ports, security bracelet snaps and other snap fasteners often used in the medical industry.

10 KW RF Welder with Manual Side to Side Shuttle

PLC Controlled 96" 4 Position Turntable

PLC Controlled 96" Turntable with Two RF Welders and Water Temperature Stabilization System

PLC Controlled 144" Turntable System with Automatic Roll Fed Sheet Feeding, Cutting Station, Multiple RF Sealing Stations, Material Stripper with Pick and Place Removal

GE Simplicity HMI (Human Machine Interface) Controlled Turntable System with Multiple Sealing and Cutting Stations

PLC Controlled Automatic Indexer with Hot Stamp Printing Capability

75 Ton Air Over Oil Hydraulic RF Welder with Automatic Over and Under Shuttle

PLC Controlled 15 KW RF Welder with 108" 6 Station Heavy Duty Turntable and Unitized Press

144" Diameter Turntable System with Tandem RF Welders, Water Stabilization, and Full PLC Control

RF Welder that can be used for multiple applications

Automated Multiple Station Real Time Process Controlled RF Welding Specialized System

Specially designed Compact Real Time Process Controlled RF Welder

RF Sealer with Custom Automated Turntable



Custom tooling

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Medical RF Sealing and RF Welding

Blood Bags
Blood Separation Systems
Blood Pressure Cuffs
Pulsating Air Mattresses
Water Mattresses
Invitro Feeding Bags
Glove Boxes
Urinary Drainage Bags
Wound Evacuation Pumps and Bags
Patient ID Tags & Bracelets
Stretcher & Bed Covers
Mobile Clean Rooms
IV Bags
Water Mattresses
Colostomy Bags
Enema Bags
Oxygen Tents
Stretcher Pads
and many more.

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