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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding

RF Welding and RF Sealing Machines For Military Applications

Our RF welding and RF Sealing companies do extensive business with the United States government in conjunction with production for military operations. These products often have very explicit design specifications that need to be followed for security reasons. Accordingly, they are carefully planned with our custom RF welding and RF Sealing machines and RF Tooling.

We have built RF welding and RF Sealing equipment to manufacture military components that include: vehicle tops, tents, temporary shelters, fuel bladders, tarpaulins, truck covers, air mattresses, cushions, decontamination suits, life vests, pilot survival rafts, G suits, ballistic products, protective covers and mats. The following gallery of pictures shows a small sample of the equipment configurations that we have available. In addition to our equipment we offer our customers full service RF Tooling manufacturing capability for true "Turnkey" solutions to their entire RF sealing production.

PLC Controlled Traveling Bar Welder with Front and Rear Tables

40" Deep Throat Shielded Bar Sealer with Coaxial Feed and Automatic Detune Circuit

20 KW C-Frame with Double Sided Manual Shuttle for Sealing Pressure Compensating Mattresses

PLC Controlled 25KW H-Frame with Automatic Single Sided Shuttle

75 Ton Air Over Oil Hydraulic RF Welder with Automatic Over and Under Shuttle

10 KW RF Welder with Manual Side to Side Shuttle

PLC Controlled 96" 4 Position Turntable

25KW H Frame with Automatic Multi-stop Shuttles and full PLC Process Control

RF Welder that can be used for multiple applications

27" Deep Throat

20KW Track and Trolley RF Welder with Impulse Sealing Capability

Custom tooling

RF Welding and Sealing For Military Manufacturing

Military Covers
Fuel Bladders
Cargo Covers
Door Panels
Jeep Tops
Truck Covers
Air Mattresses
Body Bags
Ballistic Products
G Suits
Protective Covers
Life Vests
and many more.

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