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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
RF Sealing, Blister Packaging, and Clamshell Sealing

RF Sealing: Blister Sealing, and Clam Shell Packaging

Our equipment is used to create many different types of packaging including clam shell packaging and two piece blister seal packages. The flexibility of this packaging equipment allows it to be customized to meet with the customers' specifications by adding features such as Programmable Logic Controllers ("PLC," our patented PLC equipped system with controlled loop feedback for real time power control), with automatic power control capability, shuttles, turntables, and a variety of other equipment. All of these custom additions are geared towards increasing our customers' productivity. We can also provide fully automated packaging systems with blister and card pick and place stations and automatic part removal capability. We offer our customers full service RF Tooling manufacturing capability for true "Turnkey" solutions for their entire RF sealing production. Below are some examples of the equipment that we can provide to fill your future packaging requirements.

PLC Controlled 96" 4 Position Turntable

PLC Controlled 15 KW 8 Position Turntable with Pneumatic Blister Ejector and Pick and Place Removal

PLC Controlled 144" Turntable System with Automatic Roll Fed Sheet Feeding, Cutting Station, Multiple RF Sealing Stations and Material Stripper with Pick and Place Removal.

CE Certified PLC Controlled 30 KW 132" 4 Station Turntable Folding Box Creasing Machine

10 KW RF Welder with Manual Side to Side Shuttle

PLC Controlled 15 KW RF Welder with 108" 6 Station Heavy Duty Turntable and Unitized Press.

RF Welder that can be used for multiple applications

RF Sealer with Custom Automated Turntable

Custom RF Tooling
RF Welding and RF Sealing Equipment Catalog
RF Sealing Equipment

Clam Shell Packaging
Blister Packaging
PVC Blisters to Cardboard
Trapped Blister with Board to Board Seal
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Reusable cases
and many more.

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