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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding

RF Sealer PartsParts for RF Welders and RF Sealers

We custom build all of our machines in our Long Island, New York manufacturing facility. We have a large assortment of RF Welder and RF Sealer parts in stock. This allows us to assist our customers to easily maintain newer RF machines as well as update older RF machines in order to process the most up to date applications. In the event we do not have a particular welder or sealer part in stock, our experienced customer service staff will locate the specific item expeditiously so as to eliminate or minimize any interruption to the customer's business.

Our sales and customer service professionals are located throughout the United States and Canada to provide our customers with the top notch service to which they have been accustomed. We specialize in catering to International businesses as we have a multi-lingual staff to assist customers in Spanish or other languages.

Initial questions regarding the purchase of new RF Welding or RF Sealing machines or parts orders should be placed at 1-631-249-2535 so that we may determine the proper routing for all inquiries. Customer inquiries may also be placed at Our on-line sales and service staff will respond timely in order to meet your needs. Our ability to help you in the fastest and most efficient manner will be facilitated if you have the part name, number, or machine type available at the time of request. Photographs and descriptions of some of our most requested parts are pictured below.

We stand by ready to help with all of our customer’s parts and service needs. In the future we plan on offering you the ability to order basic RF Welder, RF Sealer, or RF Tooling parts on line in order to serve you more efficiently.




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