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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
RF Welding and Sealing Equipment Servicing

RF Welder, Sealer, and Tooling Services

Cosmos and Kabar offer a wide range of standard and fully automated equipment for RF Welders, RF Sealers, and RF Tooling, including shuttles, turntables, indexers, pick and place feeders, stripping, and cutting and stacking stations. This provides our customers with several production options to meet their manufacturing challenges. Our in-house RF Tool manufacturing facility gives our customers the option of a complete single source turnkey equipment purchasing option.

RF Welding and Sealing Equipment MaintenanceAll of our engineering is performed on site. Our expertise in computer aided design technology gives us the ability to maintain the highest quality standards while providing cost effective innovative equipment to meet any production need.

Our sales, engineering and production departments work as a team to ensure continuity of design from initial concept to installation on the customer's production floor.

RF Welding and Sealing Machine ServiceCosmos and Kabar offer service and maintenance for RF Welding, RF Sealing, and RF Tooling machinery, equipment, and parts.We have a dedicated parts and service team on site which provides free telephone service and support to our customers. Most of our customerís service issues are resolved over the phone. When necessary, our trained staff of experienced service technicians is available to make service calls directly to our customers' locations nationally and internationally. We have exclusive sales and service representatives located throughout the United States who are available to provide our customers with equipment installation, service, and support.

Hours of Service:
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
Saturdays 9AM - 1PM

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