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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding

RF Welding and RF Sealing for the Fabric Welding Industry

Cosmos and Kabar are the leading U.S. manufacturers of RF Welding and RF Sealing equipment for the fabric welding industry. Our Deep Throat series of heat sealing equipment is considered the "work horse" of the industry. This is due to the rugged design and high power capability incorporated into every piece of equipment. Strong repeatable welds are vital given the new technical materials that are incorporated into the fabric industry each year. This is where our design strengths are most evident and one of the reasons our reputation for building high quality equipment has been maintained year after year. Our RF Welding and RF Sealing machines are the first choice for manufacturing premium quality tents, awnings, air structures, and tarps.

PLC Controlled Traveling Bar Welder with Front and Rear Tables

40" Deep Throat Shielded Bar Sealer with Coaxial Feed and Automatic Detuned Circuit

27" Deep Throat

20KW Track and Trolley RF Welder with Impulse Sealing Capability

Custom tooling

Fabric Industry RF Machines

Awnings Canopies
Inflatable Buildings
Geodesic Domes
and many more.

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