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RF Sealing and RF Welding

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RF Sealing and RF Welding
RF Tooling Fixtures
Loading Fixtures on CNC Milling Machine
RF Packaging and RF Tooling
Packaging Tooling

RF Tools and Dies

Cosmos and Kabar offer custom RF Tooling and fixtures manufactured in a separate facility, D&L Electronic Die Corporation ('D&L'). Prototype development, advanced application testing, and research and development are also performed at this location. Our extensive tooling manufacturing capabilities have made D&L the largest die manufacturing facility in the United States. D&L houses its own experienced engineering, programming and tool producing team that use state of the art CNC equipment to manufacture tooling and fixtures. This equipment enables us to produce tooling to the highest tolerances with complete accuracy and repeatability. Our die shop engineers with over 25 years of industry experience ensure the tooling performs to the highest production standards possible without compromising quality and affordability.

CNC Milling Machine
CNC Milling Machine Creating Medical Tooling


Our tooling includes: clamshell packaging dies, tipping electrodes, automatic adjustable loading trays, embossing and debossing dies, adjustable tear seal binder dies, seal and cut dies, feather-edge dies, clicker dies, vacuuming forming dies, mandrills, appliqué dies, three dimensional sealing dies, clicker dies, press dies, and other customer applications.

Window Shade Fixture

Material Folding Fixture for Window Shades

RF Tools and Dies

Floating Perimeter Die

RF Tools and Dies

Multi-Cavity Thermo-Form Tear Seal Die

Rf Sealing Die

Sealing Die for Medical Bags

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